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With best rate guarantee, it is guaranteed that you will receive the best rate on official website, better than any other hotel booking sites with the same type of room.

Let us know via email if you find better rate on any other booking sites.

If the rate fulfill the guarantee conditions, we will adjust the rate to 20% off of the rate you found.

Best rate guarantee conditions

The rate must fulfill the conditions below:

  • The rate must be compared to those on the websites within Japan and at the time of reservation.
  • The rate must be compared to the same type of room, stays, method of payment, cancellation policy, the time of your stay.
  • The rate must be compared to those with the same additional services such as amenities.

Not covered by the Best rate guarantee

We will exclude the cases below from the best rate guarantee:

  • The rates that are only applied to those of members of specific companies such as credit card companies or booking companies.
  • The rates that are not open to the public such company contract rate.
  • The rates that we cannnot interfere such as the rates of travel companies.
  • The rates that had applied the original points or coupons of the websites.
  • The rates that can only be reserved on the phone and are not open on the website.
  • The rates on the auction sites or joint purchase sites.
  • The packaged rates with any other service such as transportation expenses.