Kyoto Nijo
One house charter Kyoto
traditional style townhouse

Measures to Prevent
COVID-19 Infection

Since Gekkoan is a private lodging facility, guests are able to relax in a completely private space without coming into contact with other guests. In addition, the rooms are sterilized with alcohol and an ozone generator to eliminate viruses. Please enjoy your stay in the private space of your very own rental building.

qualified for good sleep inn (nemuri ni ii yado).

The Machikado Health Promotion Network Administration has certified Kyoto Ryokan Gekkou-an as a first-rate “qualified for good sleep inn (nemuri ni ii yado).” Clearing all 45 strict screening standards, Kyoto Ryokan Gekkou-an was recognized for its “pleasant sleeping environment” — a point we are especially committed to offering at the highest standard. We will continue to diligently improve the quality of sleep at our accommodation, while also striving towards further improvements. As an accommodation equipped with a safe and comfortable sleeping environment for customers, we look forward to welcoming you to Gekkou-an.

UNICEF Association -2019-unicef

Gekkou-an participates in a charity initiative that delivers clean and safe water to children in developing countries.
In 2019, thanks to the warm support and cooperation of many of our customers, we gathered donations totaling 51,034 yen -- all of which were donated to the Japan UNICEF Association.
We sincerely express our gratitude to everyone for their warm help and support.